Trade Policy For The New President Essay

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Kyra Boland
EC 430-001
10 November 2016
Trade Policy for the New President: Concerning Immigration In the recent decades, member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have seen rapid growth in the foreign-born population which has stimulated research on the socio-economic impacts of immigration. There has been great amounts of research done to produce literature like that of Gould (1994) that propose that immigration has proven statistically to have a significant positive impact on international trade. Considering President-Elect Donald Trump’s views on the issue of immigration and its economic impacts are rather poor, it is imperative to present evidence of the positive result of immigration will benefit the United States rather than cost it. The early rhetoric of the election displayed rather ill intentions toward the growing foreign-born population that is continually entering the United States; however the increased immigration theoretically will, apart from its impact on the labor market in the host country, have positive effects on the increase of trade between immigrants’ host and home countries. Within the pioneering studies of Gould (1994), links have been made that immigrants affect both imports and exports for the United States. It is suggested in Gould’s reports that immigration, specifically immigration-induced population growth, increases both aggregate demand and output. Therefore, the demand for imports

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