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Ask Not How You Can Educate the System; Ask How the System Can Educate You
The military is for a warrior and college is for the worker! For many generations that ethos has been the traditional mindset marketed to the youth of the United States. But today’s up and comers are unsure of whether they should go into the armed forces or join what Paulo Freire describes as a “misguided system” of education (Freire 1). Some students have been citing the need for educational reform in response to the age old question “should I go to college?” Too distracted by the weight of the reform problems, many haven’t realized that there’s a reasonable solution. While 1960’s Paulo Freire and 1990’s Mark Edmundson both agree that they wanted students to revolt …show more content…

Evidence collected in the "The Cost of Access: Racial Disparities in Student Loan Burdens of Young Adults” tells us that “In 2012, 71% of graduates from all four-year institutions in the United States had federal loans, and the average loan amount was $25,500” (Kim et al. 99). That journal, written by students of the university of Maryland and the university of Georgia, also recommends that “In order to create greater access to college for young adults from Black and other racial/ethnic minority families there appears to be a greater necessity for some form of financial counseling that explains the true cost of attending college, the availability of various sources of financial aid, and the importance of planning ahead to start saving for college early” (Kim et al. 112). The upside of government assisted tuition is that it is free and blind to the color of a student’s skin. As long as they can handle the Air Force culture, their education is on the Government. Now that the student has the means to get a proper education, they must identify the method of attaining it.
The great thing about an enlisted military education is its employment of both traditional and nontraditional methods. One new method the USAF is implementing is the credentialing of their Airman’s On-the-Job-Training (OJT) experience. This is the skill that a member will gain from doing

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