Traditional Parenthood : An Authoritative Lifestyle

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As little children, everyone is brought up believing and aspiring to get married and eventually have children. From having a spectacular, ornate wedding, to picking out baby names; it is such an exciting topic one always dreams about. Traditional parenthood is an authoritative lifestyle that is empowering, as it delivers a gratifying aspect to our liberal, modern day society. The gentleman and woman connect, bringing a wholeness of pure love. That is what marriage is all about. Although it is a great deal for adults to be happy, the traditional way of living leaves a huge impact on the children. Family values mean a significant deal, and they affect how children grow and treat other people. Values of love, faith, respect, and leadership are all attributes that resemble a child of great character. A traditional home brings traditional children, which leads to a traditional, joyful society. Children who grow up in a strong family home will lead by example, raising a traditional family; therefore, creating a proven overall stronger, chivalrous, and healthy society. Respect by definition is “having due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of” (Mosher 1). Respect is a quality that is hard to come by these days. More children are becoming more accustomed and too close to adults. Almost in a friend aspect, the traditional home children are mindful of how to handle a situation; have a good time, but treat others, especially adults with reverence. Although one is

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