Traditon in "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson Essay

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The author of “The Lottery,” Shirley Jackson, creates suspense and tension to convey dramatic irony. In a person’s life, a lottery, or raffle, is thought of something fair, because sometimes, you win prizes or money. This would be the raffle that you do NOT want to win. In Jackson’s short story, it is not about what the townspeople win, but it is about what is lost. I would have to say that the theme of this story would be “Not all traditions are always good.” The title of Jackson’s story contains suspense and tension to convey irony. Jackson’s use of words keeps the reader on the road that there are no problems and everything is great. For the townspeople’s behavior as they wait and when the lottery is chosen, the…show more content…
The story took place of the morning of June 27th. The day is described as “clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full summer day.” “The flowers were blossoming profusely, and the grass was richly green.” Those statements describe a lot, and it is almost too good to be true. The tension and suspense part of this story was well constructed. If you read the story without knowing the ending, you would think that something good would happen. In this case, the ending was terrible for one person but in reality, the way that the ending was chosen was not right. The quote I would choose it “Life’s not fair, is it?” That is an amazing quote to analyze. When I scream at my mom “That’s not fair,” she usually replies “Life’s not fair,” and then I get really mad because that was not the answer I wanted to hear. There are many ways to think about that quote. That quote is very true. In this case, life was not fair. Poor Mrs. Hutchinson, she got “stoned” because of a lottery that they thought would change their lives. Well, the lottery did change some of the townspeople’s lives. Another quote would be “Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience.” Since Mrs. Hutchinson was “stoned” by everyone by surprise, including her own family, she and everyone, should think about that every night before they go to sleep. So that they will go to bed knowing that they did the

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