Traffic Violation Essay

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Recently, Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law which would require local police officers to be able and do more than issue traffic tickets and other responsibilities they already carry out when on duty. The newly signed bill SB4, would require police officers to abide and act as immigration officials and ask for proper documentation if they suspect those people who they are pulling over for just any minor traffic violation are in the country illegally. Furthermore, this legislation will also penalize those law enforcement officials who refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities a fine that could reach $25,000 for repeated violations. This law has been criticized by cities around the state of Texas, immigrant’s rights groups and police forces state wide, claiming it will bring distrust of law enforcement among immigrants. The previously mention legislation is set to come into effect this coming September if it’s not block by a court.
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I find many things wrong with this law as it not only applies to officers across the state but, to those officers who are keeping us safe in our colleges. This law raises another problematic issue for the young immigrants who want to further their education by attending college. It will now make it even harder for them because they will be afraid to attend college knowing that the officer on campus may stop them and ask them for proper documentation to prove their legal status. These young immigrants will be hesitant to apply and therefore, not continue their education and dreams to better themselves. Also, I am skeptical as to how will each officer apply such law when making a traffic stop. Could a person who was born in the U.S. and perhaps has limited knowledge of the English language, be questioned about his/her immigration status? Would a person’s

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