Transformation In Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Brontё, is about a young woman’s life in the late 1700’s. In the novel, the reader learns of Jane Eyre’s life as an orphan, student, governess, and wife. As a young woman in the late 1700’s, Jane experiences an immense amount of pressure and oppression from those superior to her; almost everyone was superior to her. From childhood to adulthood, the readers witness the transformation of Jane’s confidence, opinions, and experiences. Jane Eyre is considered a Bildungsroman novel because of these age progressions and transformations in the story.
When Jane was a child, she lived with her Aunt and cousins, John, Georgiana, and Eliza in their home called Gateshead. Jane’s parents had died and she supposedly had no other family, so her uncle insisted on taking her, but shortly died after and Jane was left in the care of Mrs. Reed, her aunt. Throughout her time there, Jane became the target of physical and verbal abuse, especially from her Aunt and John. Jane remained obedient and quiet with little protest because it would only bring her more trouble to be rowdy. She was considered a burden, and was oppressed through everything she did. After being attacked by John, Mrs. Reed punished Jane instead of him; she got locked away in a room where her uncle died and eventually fainted from anxiety and panic. Ever since that experience, Jane acted more rebellious and outspoken to Mrs. Reed and even lashed out at her, speaking about every terrible thing Mrs.

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