Transgender Youth Suicide

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Transgender Youths At Risk For Suicide
Because sexual and gender identity can be a risk factor for suicide, it is important to understand how sexual and gender identity can affect one’s behavioral and mental health (Grossman and D’Augelli, 2007). There are many factors that may contribute to suicidal behaviors among transgender youths. In their study, Grossman and D’Augelli (2007) examine the factors that relate to the cause of suicide attempts made by transgender youth. Because there were no prior studies on transgender youth and life-threatening risk factors, Grossman and D’Augelli (2007) designed this experimental study to explore the correlation of risk factors of suicide with transgender identity.
Research Question
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For this study, 55 transgender youths in the age group of 15 to 21 were asked questionnaires that covered four parts: suicidal behaviors or thoughts, gender nonconformity identity, parental action, self-assessment of body image (Grossman & D’Augelli, 2007). Among the 55 youths in the sample group, there were 31 MTF (a male to a female) and 24 FTM (a female to a male) transgender youths. The participants varied by ethnicity, race, age, education, and family background. The transgender youth participants were offered $30 for their time to participate in this study. The study utilized seven variables to understand the relationship between risk factors and suicide attempts among transgender youths. Grossman and D’Augelli (2007) identified these seven factors: childhood gender nonconformity, suicidal ideation related to transgender identity, verbal attack from parents, physical abuse from parents, satisfaction with own physical appearance, satisfaction with weight, and one’s perception of how others view oneself. These variables were compared to those who had a history of suicide attempts and those who had no life-threatening behaviors. This comparison establishes the relationship between such risk factors playing
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