Transgenerational Family Therapy

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Trans generational Family Therapy
Erika Jefferson
February 18, 2013
Becca Myers
BSHS 312
University of Phoenix

Trans generational Family Therapy originated from the work of pioneers named Murray Bowen, Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, James Framo, Norman Paul, and Donald Williamson. Those theorists shared the common belief that the problems in the present day with marriage are related to the issues from a person’s family origin. The theorists had different practices but their beliefs was the road to problem resolution involved working with more than one generation in therapy. The misconception of the theory was that most of people’s problems were caused by their family of origin. The beliefs in which …show more content…

Donald Williamson believed in the fact that family life cycle occurs about the fourth decade of life and the goal is to terminate the hierarchical power governing relationships between adults and their older parents. His process involved the redistribution of power between the two generations. The multicultural issues that arise during the trans generational family therapy process is called acculturation, it is the accommodation process that occurs when groups from two distinct cultures are in contact over a sustained period of time. Some of the issues that come up with different cultures are when a person may have isolation and alienation from their new culture because they are trying to hold on and continue to practice native cultures beliefs. Another issue is when the person starts to denigrate and reject their old cultures dress, diet, values and sometimes name. There is also the problem of uneven adaption from other family members which lead to conflict between other family members. The integration to the new culture trying to hold on to the old culture can and will cause problems to arise. As the therapist you have to be very careful when working with a family from a different culture, it is already a rough transition. In my research I found that working with immigrant families they have the most issue with acculturation. It also states that when working with families from minority

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