Transnational Corporations And Its Impact On Economic, Social, And Environmental

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Transnational corporations are companies who’s business activities have an influence on economic, social, and environmental outcomes in more than one country. There are some similarities in principles, expectations, and motives between countries regarding these matters, however there are also some differences too. This makes it vital for companies to consider these issues, in order to be socially responsible on an international scale as well as a national scale. (Boddy 2012) states that corporate social responsibility “refers to the awareness, acceptance and management of the wider responsibilities of organisations”. Producers and suppliers to transnational corporations are in some cases regarded as a wider responsibility of transnational corporations, as it is the dealings between the two parties that lights up a variety of topics to review. The aim of this piece of work is to talk about the main factors that transnational corporations need to consider when dealing with producers and suppliers, and their respective communities, in order to be socially responsible, by reviewing previous literature of accredited scholars and researchers. This involves the fairness of how transnational corporations deal with producers and suppliers, and also, the thoughts towards exploitation of labour by suppliers in poor countries.

Treating producers in a fair way is a topic, which many believe is a responsibility of transnational corporations. The coffee sector is an example, where
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