Transracial Adoption Paper

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In this study, researchers conducted a series of interviews to explore the impact of transracial adoption (Barn, R., 2013). Two main aspects of ethnicity were cultural competence and racial competence. Cultural competence is the basic understanding of cultural values, along with identity found in one specific group. Racial competence is the development of ways to react to prejudices or any other form of discrimination. They specifically examined whether transracial children lose a sense of cultural and racial competence when adopted by white parents. The participants were 15 white, mothers, who had adopted either internationally or domestically. International adoptions were from China, Korea, and South America. Domestically adopted children …show more content…

After the interview the mothers were categorized into three separate sections based on their parenting styles. These categories being: Humanitarianism, Ambivalence(ism), and Transculturalism. Humanitarianism was found to be mothers who didn’t identify with their child's race at all and acted as though they were of the same ethnic background, that being white American. Ambivalent mothers generally were undecided on whether to raise their kids in the white community or to incorporate the child's own ethnic background. These mother tended to go back and forth between parenting styles and even felt trapped in between the two cultures. Another finding of ambivalence(ism) included a more evident preference among skin tone and race. Transculturalism meant that mothers acknowledged the child's race often while raising them and tried to submerge the child in that culture by placing people of the same ethnicity in their lives. For example, moving to neighborhoods where the adopted child’s race is prominent or having a teacher, babysitter, or doctor of the same race for the child to look up

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