Trauma As A Deeply Disturbing Or Upsetting Event

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Psychologists define trauma as a deeply disturbing or upsetting event. But what is the fine line that separates an upsetting event from a traumatic one? This paper will help give a more in depth look into what can cause a traumatic event, understanding post-traumatic stress disorder and all the branches of mental illness that can occur, and every need to know basis on proper ways of coping and acceptance in order to recover. Through various methods of healthy coping, even and the compassion and support of family members and friends it is possible to mentally overcome a traumatic experience. With the first mention of post-traumatic stress disorder everyone immediately jumps to war. Before people knew the proper term for PTSD it was …show more content…

At the beginning of the eighth grade, I was in a traumatic golf cart accident. It had been my fault, jerking the wheel back and forth for fun until the wheel got caught in the grass and rolled several times pinning me underneath it; and breaking both the bones in my right leg. I suffered a concussion and some amnesia towards the accident. When I woke up in the hospital the next day with only vague memory of getting there, and unable to move my neck due to the brace holding it upright, I had no idea the significance of what had happened. Depending on the type of trauma and the level of severity experienced, it can be extremely difficult to identify your triggers. “Due to the way traumatic memories are stored, when something arises in the present that reminds you of a past event, you may feel the feelings associated with that event. These are more commonly known as triggers” (113 I can’t get over it.) After my accident I was in the hospital for several weeks. When it was finally time to head home, I discovered that the sight of my mother’s car gave me a slightly nauseous feeling. Even after sitting in the car for several minutes the feeling did not cease. My mom suggested rolling down the window and trying to get some fresh air. However the feeling of the wind in my face only made me feel more sick. At the very first light we turned left, and the movement sent me

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