Travel In Florida

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There is old saying said the travel has seven benefits such as learning new cultures, making new friends and creating adventurer spirit. The most crucial thing about adventure is surprising element. Florida is the paradise for every traveler. this magical state is representing the haven for the American citizen, because it has many elements to be surprising for travelers; historical sites, diverse food, theme parks, natural places, and beaches. All these factors give Florida advantage to be a remarkable destination for all travelers. Historical sites in Florida are one of the oldest and famous destinations in the United States of America. When traveler books mention, this state. They start to talk about different locations …show more content…

The sunshine state known as the diversity of people who lives there from the Indians, Cubans, and Italians. One of the best examples of Indians food in Florida is Tandoori chicken, which crusty and spicy that give you feeling like you are in in New Daylen, India. Other type of food you will find in this state is wonderful Cuban food such as Repolia rice cooked with lamb and beans. Southern food is a great addition to Florida kitchen, for instance chicken fried which tasty and melt in mouth like butter. Also Italian food is a good contribution to Floridian food as Toscanini pasta the taste makes the costumers cry from joy. However, bread corn is the most remarkable food in Florida with crusty sides that make it a better addition to Floridian dishes. All examples have been mentioned makes Florida a great place to try diverse …show more content…

When we talk about theme parks in this state, that means the best of the best theme parks in the world of entertainment for instance Disney world the dream of every kid in the world. In this theme the cartoon becomes true where the people meet cartoon characters, and they will play different kind of game like a roller coaster, and this theme park offers a lot of activities for children and adults, but the most surprising thing is the amazing fireworks at the end of every day. In addition to that the famous theme park Universal studios offer different types of entertainments especially for teenagers. From Harry potter magical tours to the Ninja turtles to the massive roller coaster. Moreover, the third famous theme park in Florida is Busch garden, but this park is different. The most interesting thing about it is the open animal zoo, which allows to visitors' touch and play with animals without barriers. These theme parks are just a part of surprising things in

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