Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Autism spectrum disorders are a class of developmental brain disorders with symptoms that range widely with each affected individual. Autism is a disorder that varies in severity of social interaction and communication that can benefit from the help of different types of treatment. Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, autism, pervasive development disorder, and non pervasive developmental disorder are disorders on the autism spectrum with differing levels of intensity. Treatments for autism include medications, special diets, and psychological therapies. Although different types of treatments may work better for some individuals than others, you can combine treatments for the best results. The intensity and severity of symptoms vary among…show more content…
Reducing certain proteins and adding particular vitamins into one’s diet can also relieve associated illnesses that accompany autism such as epilepsy, attention deficit disorder, and autoimmune disorders. Gluten is a protein that can cause an incomplete breakdown that affects the transmission of neurons in patients with autism. The protein gluten is commonly found in wheat, rye, and barley that has been linked to negative effects on autism. This can include not only digestive issues, but hyperactivity and rashes. Going gluten free not only has been proved to reduce gastrointestinal distress, but can reduce behavioral problems associated with autism. Mercury has been questioned over a possible connection between the toxic metal and autism spectrum disorders. Although the link mostly results from mercury as an ingredient in vaccines, mercury is also found in certain types of seafood and in dental amalgam. By following a mercury detoxification diet, it may reduce impairment in speech and motor functions, depression, and chronic pain. Eliminating mercury from the diet can cause an overgrowth of fungi and bacteria, so it is suggested that patients use an anti-yeast diet before attempting the mercury detoxification. The anti-yeast diet eliminates the fungus that can result in behavioral problems and physical symptoms. People with autism are more prone to infection which
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