Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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The Versailles treaty was the peace settlement between Germany and the Allied powers that eventually ended world war one. Even Though it ended this war the treaty of Versailles was hated by many American and Germany. Germany made many threats to the Allied powers. The passing of the Treaty of Versailles resulted in unpopular backlash from both Germany and America. France, Italy, Britain and the U.S. met at the Capitol to talk about the terms of peace for the post war. Germany thought this was unfair due to the fact they were not able to attend this talk. The Allied powers told Germany to just sign the treaty and they did not need to know what it was about. Germans refused to sign this treaty and some talked about going back to war. …show more content…

These men were, David Lloyd George from the UK, Georges Clemenceau from France, and Woodrow Wilson from the U.S. These men ignored Germanys complaints they sent back about the Versailles treaty. These three men were complicated and hard to work work with. According to Chris truman, “ David Lloyd George had two view on how Germany should be treated. If George showed any signs of weakness towards Germany he would have quickly been voted out of office. “ Hang the Kaiser” and “ make Germany pay” were two very common quotes in the time of the versailles treaty. George was concerned about communism rising in Russia and had thoughts that it might spread to western Europe. George felt that Germany was the only thing that could stop communism if it spread into Russia. Georges Clemenceau says “ Germany should be brought to its knees so she can never start war again.” The is his only view according to Chris Truman. Woodrow Wilson had been shocked by the devastation from the Great War. Wilson wanted to leave Europe to its on and to concentrate on U.S. instead of worrying about everyone else. He wanted to keep all input in and out of Russia to a minimum. The Treaty of Versailles was a very unfair document towards Germany. According to Mike Dowling, the treaty had taken away Germany's overseas colonies and their coal source. Germany could not build large ships and their army was a joke.

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