Trench Warfare: Hell on Earth Essay

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The Great War, fueled by the excessive pride of each country, devastated the world. Each side felt superior to the other and would not stop until it emerged as the victor. These countries altered the style of fighting from a primitive face-to-face combat to systematic style of battle through trenches. To adapt to this style, countries developed new weapons and tactics to prevail over their enemies. But, the war simply remained a draw. Trench warfare prolonged World War I by a causing a bloody stalemate where millions died from modern weapons and horrid living conditions.
Trench warfare had been used in past wars, but the Germans popularized this style during World War I. Germans sought to capture Paris, but faced the French at the Marne …show more content…

Countries had to apply new strategies of infiltration and night raids. Even with these new tactics, countries were far from attaining success.
Throughout the western front, countries depended on raids to weaken the enemy. Soldiers, under the cover of artillery fire, raced across “no man’s land” in attempt to capture an enemy’s line of defense (Unknown 2, OL). They faced the snipers and machine guns as they crossed the land, few got close enough to throw grenades and enter the trenches with their fellow soldiers. Even during night attacks, these raids were futile.
Instead of direct attacks, sometimes countries applied infiltration tactics. Special units snuck around the trench defenses and attempted to destroy enemy artillery, but usually failed due to lack of coordination with the trench raids (unknown 2, OL). These troops eventually became isolated and without support from the main force ran out of supplies and were soon defeated. As new strategies failed, each side prepared to fight on and developed new weapons such as planes, poison gases, mortars, and tanks to defeat their enemy.
The newly created airplane made its first appearance in battle during World War I. Fighter pilots, such as the Red Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, fought in the sky to control the air so bomber planes could easily destroy enemy lines (unknown 2, OL). Whoever had control of the air could win the war, but both sides made equal progress in

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