Trial of Temple Anneke Essay

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Predetermined Justice Witchcraft in early modern Europe was understood to be the combination of maleficium and diabolism. The term maleficium refers to the actual act of witchcraft, which was believed to be harmful magic or sorcery. Allegations of maleficium were simply the foundation for the crime of witchcraft. Diabolism is what made witchcraft a crime because it involved trading oneself for magical abilities from the Devil (xxv). With regard to religion during early modern Europe, it was highly regarded. There was no direct separation between church and state. Witchcraft was acknowledged as an act against God, as well as a capital offense. The Carolina, which was the “imperial criminal code….of Emperor Charles V”, was based…show more content…
Tempel Anneke was accused of crimes that were, for the most part, uncontrollable events. Unfortunately for Tempel Anneke, during this time people were quick to assume witchcraft as the source of their problems or any negative unexplainable event. There was very little knowledge about healthcare at this time so it was a common practice to just blame it on the “witch.” The initial questions Tempel Anneke was asked pointed out the similarities between her and what were thought to be the characteristics of a witch. When the interrogator questioned her age and means of personal finance, she did not state her age but did say that she was a widow and lived with her son on his farm but did perform healings when needed. She was then questioned about her education and religious practices. She responded by saying she had learned how to heal people from observing her mother. Also, she testified that she knew the commandments but had not been to the table of the Lord or the Holy Communion in two years (15). It did not help that she was not looked up to in the community but was part of the lower class. According some of the testimony by her accusers, most people thought that Tempel Anneke was a crazy, old drunk. As questioning continued, she was asked about specific crimes that she had been accused of committing. After the testimony had been taken from

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