Tribal Gambling Research Paper

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Tribal Involvement in Organized Gambling The development of tribal casinos or what is commonly referred to as organized gambling can be credited to Native American reservations. Gaming operations have brought phenomenal success to many native tribes in America, and there has been a new dimension to the existing debate regarding Native American sovereignty in organized gambling. There are over 310 casinos ran by about one-third the nations federally recognized tribes, and generate around $10 billion in revenue which is one-sixth of all revenue generated through legal gaming in the country (Evans, Topoleski, 2002). Many of the tribes are now able to provide for themselves essential services rather than wait for the government. However, most …show more content…

It is important to note that self-determination and sovereignty are the underlying factors to the question of ‘which group should regulate tribally organized gambling.’ Those in support of tribal involvement in organized gambling argue that being a small tribe and poor, revenue generated should be used to recover lost tribal traditions. These traditions started to erode the instance when the tribe came into contact with English settlers. However, some vocal minority within the tribe remain opposed to gambling. They point out that the struggle to gain security and sovereignty through gambling is achievable but it will come at the cost of tribal …show more content…

This is important because the Native American nation’s self-governance remains deeply ingrained in America’s jurisprudence. In turn, this provides a crucial backdrop against which analysis of any state law can be contrasted. A wide difference of opinion exists about the costs and benefits among both Indians and non-Indians. However, gaming on reservations has grown rapidly since 1988 with experts stating that the trend will continue the same way for some time. This means that the sovereignty issue remains the greatest significance for Native American tribes and state governments. State governments will be affected due to the newly-empowered assertions of Native American sovereignty. A good example is the recent ratification by California Senate and Assembly of the new tribal gaming compact. This case that was between the state and the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians was a great revelation on how good work can be accomplished through government-to-government negotiations (Evans, Topoleski,

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