Trigger Warnings Examples

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Trigger warnings are being enforced around America in hopes of improving the way college students learn. Trigger warnings originated on the internet as a way to flag certain material that could be harmful to others. Many professors are now pushing for trigger warnings as a way to warn students that ideas within their material could offend or emotionally harm them. While they are being implemented across the country, their effects on students are proving to be more harmful than helpful because they often hinder students’ education rather than further develop it. Applying trigger warnings may cause professors to choose to negatively alter their material in order to attempt to teach it without offending his or her students. In the article “Survey …show more content…

The article states, “In her torts class, Buzuvis stopped teaching a case about plaintiff being raped in a hotel room after she opened the door to a stranger, which was presented in the reading as an example of contributory negligence, meaning the plaintiff was potentially at fault.” Buzuvis chose to alter her material by completely discarding this illustration. The example she relinquished could be detrimental to the students’ understanding of that particular section of her class. Another example can come from Matt Reed’s “Dual Enrollment and Trigger Warnings.” Reed argues that professors should not let the fear of insulting a student cause them to leave out sections of the material they intend on teaching. He states, “Take the adultery and murder out of Hamlet, …show more content…

They allow a colleges to coddle students. One instance of this can come from the article “Con: ‘Trigger Warnings’ Impose Censorship in the Name of Sensitivity.” Donald A. Downs, author and professor of political science, law, and journalism at the University of Wisconsin, explains how trigger warnings can negatively affect students. Downs states, “Education should expose students to the depths of the human condition, which unavoidably involves matters of good and evil, life and death. He then claims, “Trigger warnings assume that many students are not capable of handling the responsibilities of adult citizenship.” Students cannot possibly be expected to mentally or emotionally grow when they are constantly being sheltered from the real world and all of its sometimes painful disputes. Trigger warnings cater to the sensitive students and grant them no room to grow up on their own. Many colleges are being overwhelmed by the positive effects that may come with trigger warnings, they should heavily consider the negative ones as well. Enforcing trigger warnings in hopes of furthering college education would unleash a surge of flaws into a school. Though trigger warnings may have few upsides, if put into action they will prove themselves to be destructive to a school’s learning

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