Trophiess Should Not Be Allowed In Sports

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Imagine a team of sluggers aligned in right field looking like a major league baseball team, but on the other hand the squad on the left field line is lolly gagging around because they received a trophy that they thought was for being the best player on the team. Most people would think the major team looks better. So why not abolish trophies. At a closer look, Banning trophies would ensure hard working kids. Studies do show that trophies are not a good way to encourage players. Overall, players should not be given trophies for participating. To start, trophies are not helping players get to the advanced level at a sport. These awards don't let children work for something they have not mastered. According to Lauren Tarshis, a social worker, she says “In life, most people aren't rewarded for simply doing what’s required.” You have to work in order for your talent to show. In order to get better effort should be overexerted from your body to be …show more content…

From my personal experience when I fall short of getting a trophy I wanted to prove that I should have gotten the award. Also, according to the article “Should Everyone get a Trophy” it gives the idea that trophies are not a good way to motivate players, (Tarshis). Simply this means that you have to have passion and drive to show improvement in whatever you're doing. To be the best you have to put in the work and be dedicated to the game you’re playing. This is how every star athlete became the zone of the best to ever play. Everyone should feel the urge to get better without having to be given a participation trophy. If people wanted to play in the big leagues they would have to try their best at all times and put in their best effort while little league sport associations just give trophies to make kids come back. One reason why associations give out trophies is because it makes kids come back which makes them more

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