True Reality In Plato's Allegory And The Matrix

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In the Plato’s Allegory of The Cave, prisoners are kept since child birth in a cave, they are only able to see nothing but shadowy figures move on the wall of the cave. They perceive that as their true reality. A prisoner breaks free from his shackles and is blinded by the light of the sun. He realized that his reality in the cave was not real, he sees people and understands what reality is now. The prisoner goes back to explain to the others what he has seen but they don’t believe him.
The Wachowski brothers modernized the allegory of the cave and add a humanistic approach by focusing on human emotions and feelings. Both the Allegory and the Matrix have some similarities with the same metaphysical question of what is real, how do you know …show more content…

The Matrix make people question their reality, you don’t know if your reality is real until you are faced with what is not reality.
Plato is not the only philosopher referenced in the Matrix, philosopher’s such as Jean Baudrillard, Descartes and Socrates are used. Baudrillard deals with the imitations of reality have become more real than actual reality also known as hyper-real. Neo is introduced to “the dessert of the real”, when shown to the real world by Morpheus which hints Baudrillard. The film doesn’t exactly reference Karl Marx but since the humans are being used by a false illusion, Marx says that the working class is being used by a higher class yet the working class does not see themselves being exploited since their occupied by social message to distort their own perception. Descartes is referenced with his famous term “I think therefore I am.” In his book Meditations on First Philosophy Descartes questions how can we really know that the world we experience is an illusion being forced upon us by an evil being. Descartes says he believes in what he sees and feels while he dreams, that he cannot depend on his senses so he and the rest might be or in control of an evil being. The evil being in this case is the Matrix that forces an illusion upon the humans. Descartes also claims that his dreams are very vivid enough to be convinced that his dreams are real, but the human in the Matrix

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