True War Story

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The essay “ How To Tell a True War Story” written by O’Brien complexifies the idea of truth by furnishing readers divergent approaches on to tell how if a story is true or not, in which its readers had to utilize their own sense of understanding to interpret what O’Brien was emphasizing about truth. Interpretation is a psychological process, which requires a mental process to make meaning of a text. Stanley Fish, the author of “ How To Recognize a Poem When you See One”argues that the meaning of a text originated from the reader’s recognition and its interpretive communities. Fish, in his essay, I acquired the true meaning of a text originated from the act of reading and its interpretive communities. “ How To Tell a True War Story” By O’Brien is a complex story that scrutinizes the complex correlation that exist between war experience and the way stories are being told. Through anecdotes, O’Brien substantiates that a writer contains the ability to form its readers beliefs and viewpoint. Finding a meaning for O’Brien’s story was practically easy because through his anecdotes I was able to openly examine what O’Brien was …show more content…

I found instances, such as when he stated, “ a true war story is never moral.” In this sentence, many would emphasize that he’s saying there is no moral at all because in reality looking this sentence in its proper sense that is what it’s saying, but when I look closely, that is not what he is emphasizing because in this sense he is utilizing moral as an adjective, meaning he’s portraying war story as never moral. Which to me he’s saying there is a moral in a war story but it’s just not right to learn that morality because if you believe in it you might end up doing the same thing. Now, it is just those imperative phrases that helped me understand what O’Brien was

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