Trust and Its Impact on Effective Leadership

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Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents 1 2. Executive Summary 2 3. Introduction 3 The Research Problem 3 The Report Structure and Organization 3 Source and Method of Data Collection 3 Limitations of the Report 4 Acknowledgements 4 4. Discussion 5 Organization and its Need of Leadership 5 Qualities of a Leader 5 Trust 7 Influence of Trust on Motivation 7 Influence of Trust on Learning 8 Trust and Team Management 9 Communication and Trust 10 Trust and Change Management 10 Influence of Trust on the Performance 11 5. Conclusion 13 Recommendations for Winning Trust 13 6. Bibliography 15 Executive Summary All successful organizations have one…show more content…
The researcher has used sixteen references in the report to analyze the topic of trust. Limitations of the Report This report has been created to highlight the importance of trust for effective leadership in an organization. There were many topics, outside the context of what is presented in the discussion below, which needed further clarifications and research to substantiate the importance of trust in organizational behavior. The researcher was not able to conduct any live survey in an organization to further strengthen the arguments that are presented in the discussion. Acknowledgements The researcher would also like to thank lecturer Mr. Frankie Yee for his continuous guidance on the theories of Organization Behavior and the research topic of trust as the key to effective leadership in an organizational context. The researcher would also like to thank and acknowledge the assistance provided by librarians of JCU Library and National Library of Singapore (AMK Branch) during the research work. Discussion Organization and its Need of Leadership An organization is composed of group of people working together to achieve a common business objective. Organizations always face issues related to culture, motivation, performance, productivity, and achieving goals. For these reasons, an organization seeks good leaders to lead their team to the glory of meeting business objectives. A good leader innovates, develops a plan, and brings in changes to achieve the vision and
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