Truth And Truth About Truth

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Truth Over Fact Truth is in the eye of the beholder. Truth and fact seem like equals. Isn’t the truth a fact, no the truth and facts can be complete opposites but still equally important. Truths are what we believe, while facts can be proven. Both truths and facts play important roles in our lives, but truths shape who we are. Facts may change how we do something, but cannot change who we are the way the truth can. Truths change how we approach our lives more than facts ever could. When the truths we believe in change, we change. Truths are important to us because it is what makes us different, if we lived by facts we would be robots, truths are what makes us human. A truth is something that we choose to believe, not just with our head but our heart. Truths affect how we approach our lives, how we communicate with others. When you break someone’s idea of the truth, it is much harder to rebuild than breaking someone’s idea of a fact. Facts are a science, you can use methods to disprove whether something exists or not, whether it is possible. A fact is something like gravity pulls you down, it can be proven. Truths can sometimes be proven to be correct, they can also have no possibility of being of being proven or even correct, but still be a truth. A truth can be anything from telling about the existence of God to telling someone you did it with your crush. The only thing that matters when it comes to the truth is whether you truly believe or not.

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