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Truth In The Lies Stephanie Klein once said, “Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.” This quote relates to Charles Van Doren and “Twenty-One, ” a famous quiz show from the 1950’s. The scandal involved more than one player receiving answers from producer, Dan Enright. This is a very well known quiz show scandal from the 1950’s. Charles Van Doren should be held accountable for his actions because, he had knowledge of what was going on, he actively searched for answers, and he lied to people about what was happening. Charles Van Doren was not blind to what was happening behind the scenes at “Twenty-One.” In the movie, on the first interview Van Doren had with the producers, he was asked questions in which he knew the answers to.…show more content…
He was asked numerous times by lawyer Dick Goodwin, and denied it every time. Van Doren could have confessed and came clean about what was happening. Van Doren was even told that whatever was said would stay between himself and Goodwin. Van Doren also released a press statement in which he denied the allegations as well. It was a string of continuous lying to stay on the show. Herbie Stempel came forward with the allegations and told the truth. He also mentioned how Van Doren was receiving the answers. As I mentioned earlier, “Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.” There are many reasons as to why someone may say Van Doren did not break the law. One may say he was pressured into receiving answers and feared what may have happened if he stopped playing the game how the producers wanted. He was offered a lot of money to stay on the show and he didn't want to lose the money by breaking the deal. His family name was well known and these allegations would have affected his family name greatly. Staying quiet may have saved his family reputation. Charles Van Doren should be held accountable for his actions. Lying and staging a game show is not morally correct. He didn’t just lie to a few people, he lied to all of America. He deserved to be punished for what he did. Van Doren had knowledge of what was going on, actively searched for test answers, and lied about what he did. What he did was not right, he deserved the negative results he received for his
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