Tunnel Vision : Tunnel Vision

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However, all of this is not to say that experience is the cure all to tunnel vision. If it was, then cases like Michael Morton's would not have happened. Loyalties, cognitive biases and emotional commitments are here to stay; they are part and parcel of the human condition.i But there are other recommendations for how to address tunnel vision on several levels. Bandes recommends that institutional directives should be made clearer and more concrete, and institutional culture and incentives should be addressed.ii That review mechanisms should exist at every level of decision-making.iii While also pointing out that, however that review may become simply a way of reinforcing group norms.iv In order for that to work the process needs to be explicitly structured to perform a critical role.v Banes takes note that, review will be ineffective without transparency, rules governing record keeping, record sharing and discovery must strive to ensure that a full investigative record exists and is accessible for Banes finally believes that, training of both supervisory and lower level personnel must explicitly address the dynamics of tunnel vision.vii That if these dynamics can be better understood, they can be flagged, and, that perhaps, with sufficient will and sufficient knowledge, we can correct for them.viii Professor Jane Aiken has encouraged that the training start even earlier by encouraging law school professors to teach “‘reflective skepticism.’ix Reflective

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