Ethical Failures Of A Professional Work Environment

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Jerry Mason, senior vice president and general manager at Morton-Thiokol, and Morton-Thiokol were on the brink of negotiating the booster’ rocket contract renewal with NASA. Although, it is not an acceptable reason, we could see how engineers and others below the authority of Jerry could be afraid to state something contrary to what he stood by. When someone’s self-interest and pride gets in the way of engineering, it can neglect the welfare of the public, and cause them harm. This case study highlights many irresponsible, and ethical failures in a professional work environment. Jerry Mason failed to abide by the following impediments for responsible action; self-interest, ignorance, and group thinking. Ethics should always be the base of any engineering project. There are some instances where people, like Jerry Mason, become self-interested and forget that at the core of engineering, lies the responsibility to act with the public’s welfare in mind, above all else. The Challenger incident shows us how Jerry Mason acts contrary to the standards that the public expects professionals engineers to stand by. His sole comment to Bob Lund, “to take off your engineering hat and put on your management hat,” speaks greatly about what the Challenger meant to him. Jerry Mason viewed the launch as a business transaction that would allow him and Morton-Thiokol to benefit greatly at the midst of a contract renewal. Success brings advancement in managerial positions, but in this

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