Turmoil to Hostility in Ireland

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1845, was the start of a long period of great trouble for the Irish people. Although through many struggles, the Irish prospered as a community. Starting in 1845 the Irish lost their main crop due to an unknown fungus then got uprooted to immigrate or died of disease. The Irish came to America searching for the American dream but only found hostility and unacceptance. This paper will cover troubles through the potato famine, the journey here and even how they were treated when they got to America.
The potato blight, most known as the Irish potato famine, caused death and despair. The famine was the main reason the Irish left to immigrate to the United States. Death rates began to rise because of the starvation and diseases such as, cholera, measles and fever, caused by the lack of Ireland’s main food supply and crop. According to Donnelly, “Overall excess morality from 1846-51 amounted to 1,082,000 people” (171). Typhus and relapsing fever were the worst killers and those led into dysentery and diarrhoea. Donnelly states, “Factors that correlate most strongly with most death was income per capita and literacy rate” (178). Most of Ireland’s population was settled into poverty. However, any of the Irish fell into poverty because of the famine and diseases attracted to the poor. Irish in rural areas moved to the cities in search for the food and shelter they lacked and as they moved disease followed them and spread throughout the cities. Unsanitary conditions and

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