Tv Guide Case Study

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TV Guide has become a staple in both the magazine and infotainment industries since 1955. With a weekly circulation of 14.5 million, TV Guide is the largest magazine in the United States (McDonald, 1998). Although faced with increasing competition, the magazine still managed to increase its number of ad pages and revenue in 1993 and 1994 (1998). The competition is both with growth and technology, as well as with consumer distribution options that have become available since the Radnor, Pennsylvania company's inception. Since TV Guide pioneered weekly regionally targeted editions and moved toward an electronic production process, there has arisen a bevy of consumer distribution alternatives. Among those include the Internet, free…show more content…
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TV Guide Magazine should offer to their customers a full-sized, full-color entertainment magazine that focuses on television. The new, full-size, full-color TV Guide meets this need with: o More news and features, more eye-catching photos, more behind the scenes insights and information on favorite shows and stars, o More reviews and recommendations of best choices, can't-miss and must-see TV, o Easier to use full-size color grids. ( 2005). In conclusion, TV Guide competitors are forcing TV Guide to make marketing changes to increase their sales productions. Competitors such as Dish Network, Direct TV, and local cabling networking companies are causing listing of programming much easier to view versus looking inside magazines and newspapers. In order to increase sells, TV Guide must offer programs that will draw the eye of consumers back to TV Guide, instead of maintaining magazines as a primary. The world of technology has great advantages such as world-wide web, both at home, work, school, and other groupings that require television use, and eliminating the excessive amount of time usage.


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