Twelfth Night Book Report

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“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Olivia Marino recited this quote for me while we were walking down the hall. Almost immediately me and two other of our good friends began to tease her, joking carelessly as we went to class. We didn’t give that quote a second thought, or at least I hadn’t, until now. This was the end of our freshman year, the end of the year that we all had gotten close, the end of a perfect year. Now it is senior year and I think of this quote often. If it is true, if I truly am the average of the five people I spend the most time with, than I hope I can meet more people like Olivia. While her resume can very well stand on its own, there is something to be said for Olivia’s ability to …show more content…

I have been in groups before and after Olivia has been present, and the difference between the two is almost unreal. Before her involvement the group is significantly more sluggish and dormant. However, once Olivia joins the group, lights aglow in people’s eyes and a smile perpetually rests on their lips, usually recovering from a laugh. Cheekbones feel tight and sore after the sudden burst of energy and happiness one experiences from Olivia. Conversation lifts up, plans are made, and fun stories are told. While a brief conversation may not reveal a lot about Olivia as she is typically shy about meeting new people, knowing her for an extended period of time may be the best investment one could make. She inspires a passion in others through her own achievements and encouragement for others. Never have I seen Olivia work at something with less than one hundred percent. I have seen Olivia fail, I have seen her struggle, but I have never seen a break in the quality of work she has put into any given subject. Olivia is particularly passionate at helping others. She finds a way to put her passion to real work with her girl scout troop. She dedicates much of her energy to achieve so much. Seeing Olivia’s delight upon moving up the tiers of getting her bronze, silver and gold award has inspired many of Olivia’s friends. She pushes each of her valued friends and teammates to improve and always offers the best of advice, …show more content…

She has only positive thoughts for the future. One could say that Olivia is too hopeful, making radical plans and exaggerated statements with so much conviction one wants to believe her. However, despite how hard Olivia tries for these plans, the wildest ones rarely come true. While her own self confidence has been weak at the beginning of her high school career, Olivia’s self assurance has only skyrocketed as she discovered herself in the later years of high school. Her history as a person who was reliant on her friends for reassurance is far behind the now confident and independent character Olivia has developed into. Because of this change, there are few people who can speak poorly of Olivia. Even one who has admits that Olivia can be respected for her newly found confidence and sense of value. Olivia Nicole Marino is a highly valued friend of mine who would be a prized addition for any lucky institution and will be a great loss to our town and

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