Twelfth Night Gender

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Nancy Robles
Professor Wu
Paper #3: The Play
12 April 2016
Twelfth Night In Shakespeare's play, “Twelfth Night”, it takes the characters and gives them a bit of both worlds through gender confusion and transgression and much more. Characters disguising as the opposite gender, others falling in love with the same gender without knowing who they truly are, and suddenly feeling a sexual desire with the same sex. Shakespeare's knew love is a kinding heart, a passion, and happy proportions, sentimental not tender. His lovers always looked forward to marriage. The love never runs smoothly. The play begins with the lines “if the music be the food of love, give me excess of it”. (Shakespeare. Act 1, Scene 1,line 1) Meaning to fully satisfy one’s …show more content…

Orsino falls in love with Viola thinking it is Orsino, Olivia with Viola as Cesario and so on. Olivia’s actions in courting Cesario would overturn the traditional gender structure if Cesario was in reality a man, but because of the female gender setting, Olivia’s assertiveness is less provocative and more humorous. They use cross dressing as a way to immediately fix a problem they face. Shakespeare reads transgression in renaissance writing. Olivia is not accepting any guests or new ladies-in-waiting, and that is when Viola decides to cross-dress into Cesario, a eunuch, for the service of Duke Orsino. Viola sees how many problems her actions are causing once she starts using the term pregnant. solidifies the many issues that cross-dressing creates, such as ambiguous moral implications, gender boundaries, questions of criminality. QUOTE Viola also refers to her cross dressing as a protection, or security. So she does not blow her cover. She has so much allowed her initial intent to hide her identity and protect herself in this new land to become the main reason for her act forbidden by law. Twelfth night moves its audience with many cases of mistaken identity, intentional gayness, sexual tension between disguised characters. Viola as Cesario demonstrates that gender is a fluid identity and not a role assigned when we are born. At some point,

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