Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea And The Hound Of The Baskervilles

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At a simple glance, it becomes obvious that everything in this universe is created for a reason—creators always have a goal of leaving their signatures. Literature, like any other branch of art, has a goal; authors and poets have a purpose for writing their pieces. Novels are usually the reflections of people’s lives and hope to make readers feel connected to the plot. Two novels Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea and Sherlock Holmes: The Hounds of The Baskervilles have elements that reflect the different components of real life. Both have characters that bear resemblance to people who live near us in society, which highlight the unpleasantness of some realities in our world. Also, like many other writing pieces, they are written for the…show more content…
Stapleton,whose action causes the famous detective Sherlock Holmes to look over a case. He takes advantage of the Baskervilles’ superstitious beliefs in order to seize their wealth. The characters who are the main protagonists, and face these guys in order to solve the problem, are Sherlock Holmes and Professor Pierre Aronnax. These two characters have some similarities in their traits in addition to their position in the stories. Professor Aronnax is a scientist that is the lecturer at the Museum of Paris. He is asked to solve the problem because of his excellent proficiency in classifying animals. In the other novel, the curse of the Baskervilles is brought to Sherlock Holmes attention due to his proficiency and experience in solving complicated cases. Up to this point, two protagonists exist in the story because they are needed for solving the main problem. The first things that the readers realize after reading about Professor’s Aronnax are about his love of science and his attention to details. The ollowing quote shows this part of his personality: “Too many insoluble questions presented themselves, too many fantasies danced before my half-closed eyes!”(Verne, 63) Professor Aronnax’s other traits are patriotism, perseverance, conservatism, patience, philanthropy, arrogance and pacifism. Reading the second story comes with pathos resulted from the name of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. In this novel the main character is…show more content…
Themes are extracted from many things like characters’ behavior and settings. These two stories have completely different themes. The following quotation from Professor Aronnax shows one of the themes in the first book: “Would I ever know to what nation this strange man belonged, that boasted of belonging to none? Who had produced the hatred he had sworn for the whole of humanity, the hatred which might perhaps seek a terrible vengeance?” (Verne, 99) This quotation reveals the theme of hate and vengeance in the book. Capitan Nemo explains that he built this submarine because he hated his society and mankind. Many times in the book he shows his hatred of mankind. One of these moments is when he attacked a ship and caused it to sink. Other themes in this book are exile, identity, exploration, man and the natural world, and technology and modernizations. All of Verne’s books have the theme of technology and modernizations; in this book the whole invention of the submarine and its equipment are all based on technology and modernization. Furthermore, the other book has a completely different themes like natural vs. supernatural, classicism, hierarchy, and cunning vs. cleverness. The following quote shows how Holmes’s cleverness helped him to plan to take over his novel’s antagonist’s
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