Twilight ' Vs ' Hunger Games ' : Why Do So Many Grown Ups Hate Bella?

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Noah Berlatsky, in his article“‘Twilight’ vs. ‘Hunger Games’: Why Do So Many Grown-Ups Hate Bella?”, is comparing two heroines Bella Swan from the “Twilight” and Katniss Everdeen from the “Hunger Games.” The author is analyzing why so many people dislike Bella’s character and is wondering if she is just a model of weak woman to whom many people find hard to relate to nowadays or is it a women’s fear to find a such relate (234). The purpose of the article is to explain that behind one’s discomfort with Bella stands a greater discomfort with femininity and that Katniss’ character doesn’t stands so far from Bella as it seems from the first look; furthermore, that they are not antagonists. Berlatsky starts his investigation with statement that Bella’s main characteristic is her need to be rescued; she is a type of girls who cannot survive on her own, stand for herself and even when she is trying to hit someone she is the one who gets injured (235). Such a pathetic creature you might say. “Katniss. on the other hand, is an extremely competent hunter and archer, a born survivor who is deadly when cornered” (235). This comparison is not in Bella’s favor and Berlatsky concludes that she “wouldn’t stand a chance” (235). Further, Berlatsky lists outside authorities view: critics Tina Jordan, Meghan Lewitt, Alyssa Rosenberg, and Yvonne Zip who are stating how passive Bella’s character is and independent Katniss is (235). Author then is providing an opposing view, so Melinda Beasi

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