Twin Early Development Study: Nature versus Nurture

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Since people began to wonder about our history and making, there has been the question of why. Why do people do the things they do? Are these traits inherited by a person’s ancestors, or are they simply following what they observe? To begin, you must give credit to the two philosophers who initially sparked different opinions about these two ideas. Aristotle theorized, that humans are born into the world with a blank slate and their behavior and thoughts are due solely to experience (Ashcraft, 1998). That theory would suggest that humans learn their phobias, sexuality, gender association, and all other traits through the world that surrounds them. Plato, thought quite the opposite. He believed that believed that behaviors and knowledge were due to inborn factors. Although the view of Plato are heavily opposed today, there must be some connection in the way we as humans turn out. There is so much that is unknown that we come “prewired” with at birth. Who’s to say that a person is not born with a predisposition of their sexual preference, or in more recent years, the role of gender? I believe that both nature and nurture are responsible for the way one matures. You cannot overlook the fact that some people carry the traits of their ancestors, or the fact that in many situations, people are victims of circumstance. I think the more important question is which side has a larger role in the way people turn out. When assessing the character roles that nurture creates, you must

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