Essay about Twists and Turns of the 1920's

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Depression Era Project. Throughout the 1920’s there were many bad times and many good times. From things like Flappers, women who began to do things that were considered “Un-lady like”, to the Stock Market crash all the way to the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 20’s and 30’s were full of twists and turns. Even the fact that Herbert Hoover, who was beloved during WWI, was beaten by newcomer Franklin D. Roosevelt was a surprise. Though, after the Stock Market had crashed FDR’s election and his many new policies was probably the best thing that had happened to America at the time, it seems other things, like Prohibition, Flappers and Speakeasies, tended to take the spotlight instead. There were many good things that occurred …show more content…

They would set up secret places where people could secretly buy and drink alcohol without arousing suspicion. “To order alcohol without drawing attention or raising suspicion, bartenders asked customers to remain quiet and "speak easy."” (Henderson para.7) These Speakeasies would even bribe the police with some of the alcohol being sold to keep them quiet. Apparently though the Prohibition was more of a problem about drunken workers, “A primary goal of 1920s' Prohibition was the reduction of drinking by workers.” (Henderson para.4) So that raises the question as to why the sale of alcohol was banned entirely. But just as there were many wonderful times in the 1920’s there were quite a few bad times to go right along with them. Almost all of the bad things that happened in the 1920’s were brought by the Stock Market crash. The whole crash was caused by speculators, people who got banks to loan them money and knew nothing about stocks who then after a week or two of seeing an increase in a stock sunk all of the loaned money into it hoping for a quick payout, which almost never happened, these people were too impatient to find a good stock and eventually by the time everything was over had nothing to pay back the banks, which had been loaning out the money like crazy to these speculators. These speculators had no idea what was coming when the stock prices plummeted and banks began to make margin calls, in which people who took out

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