Two Major Political Ideologies Today

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While Republican’s and Democrat’s political ideologies have changed throughout their history, since the late 1960’s their parties coalition has relatively stayed the same. In this essay I will briefly summarize these political ideologies that define the Democratic and Republican parties today, before discussing some of the similarities between the two, and then closing with who I agree with more and why I will continue to vote for that party. In general Republican’s governing philosophy is one of conservatism. Republicans believe in the philosophy of very little government interference in economic issues, but lots of government intervention in social issues. Republicans vote for laws and regulations that put restrictions on such issues as homosexual marriage and abortion. As for economic issues, republicans tend to advocate in favor of a more laissez-faire economic philosophy or supply side economics. (Bartels) Meaning, Republicans believe in allowing big business and corporations do what they must do with little government interference. They also believe in reducing income taxes and government funding of welfare programs in order to grow the economy from the top down. (Bartels) To summarize, Republicans say lower taxes equals higher gross domestic…
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