Two Points Of View Regarding The Future Of Vampire Bats

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Blame Mankind not the Bats There are two points of view regarding the future of vampire Bats. To begin with, the first view point is that vampire bats should be exterminated. For example, Chris Kraul journalist for the Los Angeles Times, shares that he lost ten calves to animals caused by successive blood settles. Thus, the killing of vampire bats is crustal to farmer’s livestock (Kraul). Secondly, viewpoint two, contends that vampire bats should not be killed off. For Instance, Kraul reports that bats took part in the making of the radar and medicines around the world. Therefore, this confirms that bats have been used to help better Mankind. Thirdly, it is not the bats faults they have to live from the blood of cattle. To illustrate, Kraul

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