Two Sides Of Slavery During The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution began in 18th century Britain and went on to the 19th century. The Revolution was the start of basic machinery and new ways of transportation. Britain was the birthplace of the textile industry, coal mines, and steam engines. While The industrial Revolution brought many good inventions to the world and many things that we still use today, It had many downsides to it. because It had a lot of child slaves and many of them did not live to be over five, There was a lot of slavery during the Industrial Revolution, and It caused a lot of pollution and hindered people's health.
The Industrial Revolution caused urbanization everywhere, it was the start of a new era. The coal mines were a huge part of the revolution, they
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Coal miners lungs could be compared to the lungs of a smoker today. Slaves were also a major problem in this time. Children were being used to crawl in the mines because they worked for no pay and could fit in the small tunnels underground. Children also worked in factories working fourteen hours a day every day.Inside the factories you would find poorly ventilated, cramped, noisy, dirty, damp and poorly lighted working areas. Montagna, J. A. (2016) The child workers would usually only live a few more years after they started working. Slowly, workers started to realize the strength they would had if they were to come together. It was a long fight for workers to be able to have the right to organize into groups. Soon A movement was starting to free workers from the clutch of the factory system.
In conclusion The Industrial Revolution had it’s good times and bad but overall it shaped our world as we know it today. People do not even realise the trials and tribulations it took to get technology where it is today. The revolution was the start of the end in a way that it started major pollution and climate issues. Even though it is a known fact that the machinery created pollutes the earth, it shows how advanced our knowledge is on
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