Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

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The death penalty (also known as capital punishment) has been practiced for over hundreds of years. Over the years there has been many different ways of being put to death, from being hung to the electric chair and even being injected with poison. The death penalty is a costly and ineffective way to prevent crimes from happening. The death penalty should not be a ruling in the court of law. “Since the 1977 resumption of capital punishment in the United States, nearly 1,100 convicted prisoners have been put to death in the thirty-eight US states where the practice remains legal. As of the beginning of 2007, approximately 3,350 people remain on death row in American prisons” (Ballaro). 1987 was the first time DNA evidence was used in a …show more content…

Charles Fain is not the only person that has been sentenced to death row for a crime they did not commit.
“Curtis McCarty served 21 years in Oklahoma prison – including nearly 18 years on death row – for a murder he didn’t commit before DNA tests secured by the Innocence Project led to his exoneration in 2007. He was convicted twice and sentenced to death three times based on forensic misconduct” (The Innocent). If this man can be sentenced to the death penalty three separate times but was later found innocent, what makes you think there are not people on death row right now that are going through the same thing. Maybe the next innocent person will not be as lucky and they will get put to death.
Inmates were sentenced to death long before anyone even knew what DNA evidence was. How can anyone be 100 percent sure a person did something unless that person admitted to it or there was a witness? It is not possible. Life in prison would be a better option. That way if evidence happens to be found that proves the prisoner innocent, they can be released. Yes, they may have lost a few years or even a few decades of their life but they will still have the one most important thing, their life. No one should be able to legally take a person’s life even if it is to be used as a punishment.
Men and women have been put to death and then later evidence has shown they were innocent. There is no way to bring a

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