Tyler Perry Theatre Style

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Julian Brown
Intro to theatre
Professor Bishop
30 September 2015
Tyler Perry For decades people found theatre one of the most enjoyable form of entertainment all across the world. With every play comes a cost. A value which somebody's story is told. Obviously it can be comic drama or despairing,. Each second of these plays are genuinely delightful and exceptional. Where the performing artists show a totally distinctive side of characters to the group of onlookers where they demonstrate to them something new and pleasurable. And behind the theatre and its plays is one person who keeps it all in check and that is the director. The director is like the heart of a person. You don’t see the heart but you know if it’s doing its job correctly …show more content…

He was inspired by Oprah Winfrey. When he was watching a episode of Oprah Winfrey's television show, he was motivated by a statement on the show about how looking back on difficult situations could help individual leaps forward in life. He started writing a bunch of letters to himself, which turned into the foundation for the musical “I Know I've Been Changed”. That particular episode was about the problems of child abuse which Tyler Perry felt he had a connection with. But the morale of the episode was to forgive people and that is where Tyler Perry got his ideas of forgiving people from. According to “After saving up $12,000, Perry debuted the show—which he directed, produced, and starred in—at an Atlanta theater in 1992. The musical's run lasted only one weekend and drew a measly 30 people to see the show.” With that being said that goes to show that he came from nothing. His first production was a complete flop and made him no money at all. That is a prime example of the cliché “never give up” because later on he became successful from this show. He kept pushing for this show in other cities and at first wasn’t getting any love from any of his audiences. On his final attempt to produce the show he bought out House of Blues in Atlanta which was supposedly going to be his last performance of that production but on his last try he caught the right audience and his play took off in the right direction. Soon

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