Types Of Bridges Research Paper

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Different types of Bridges-Research Paper

Because of advancements in today’s technology in construction field, many types of bridges are being constructed depending on the requirement and their suitability for the situations.

A bridge is a structure providing path over an obstacle. When constructing a bridge, obstacle can be a river, railway track or a valley and the path provided by bridge can be for a road, pedestrians, a railway, pipelines, viaducts to carry water from rich areas to dry cities, or for commercial purpose to host commercial buildings such as restaurants and shops. A bridge can also be laid to reduce the distance of travel which in turn reduces the time to reach the destination.

(Vasani, 2011) Many components when assembled together form a bridge structure. Basic components of a bridge are superstructure or Decking, Bearings, Substructure which again consists of Piers and Abutments, Wing walls and Returns, and Foundation.
Superstructure bears the load that is being passed over the bridge and it transmits the forces caused by the same to substructure. Load received from the decking is transferred on to the substructure by Bearings. They also distribute the load evenly over the substructure material as it may not have sufficient strength to bear the superstructure load directly. Piers and Abutments are the vertical substructures which transfer the load to the earth in the foundation. Wing walls and returns are constructed as the extension of

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