Types Of Non Fictional Writing

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Genre, a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. Genre is the very basis of all literature. A specified category of genre is non-fiction. Non-fiction is type of writing that employs the literary techniques usually associated with fiction or poetry to report on persons, places, and events in the real world. Non-fiction is used in so many ways. It is based on cold hard facts, truth. Non-fictional writers have used this style to create amazing stories of wars, countries once great and powerful, and people who inspired the world. Alexander the Great to JFK, everyone has a story. Non-fiction is used in movies, books, songs, poetry, and pictures. Some of the …show more content…

Next is Persuasive Writing. With persuasive writing, the writer takes a position on an issue and argues for his or her side or against an opposing side. The writer will use facts and information to support his or her own argument while trying to influence his readers’ opinions. .
Lastly, there is Descriptive Writing. Descriptive nonfiction employs all five senses to help the reader get a visual of what the writer is trying to describe.
A sub-genre, is a genre is a more descriptive version of genre. It takes a look at a specific style if non fictional writing. There are very many sub-genres of non-fictional writing. Some main examples are an almanac, Autobiography, Biography, Blueprint, letters, diagram, school books, speech, user manual, diary, encyclopedia, news article, book report, documentary, map, travelogue, blog, report, and an essay. All have to do with real accounts, and/or something that is true.
Sub-genre Biographies are an important aspect in non-fiction writing. Some of the most influential knowledge we have comes from a biography. A biography is a sub-genre of non-fiction, and it is an account of someone’s life written by someone else. Biographies have led to some of the most significant historical discoveries to this day. Biographies of Plato, Aristotle, and all the great philosophers who could not share their information have changed the world because of biographies and stories written by

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