Types Of Punishments That Comes With The Death Penalty

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There are five different types of punishments that comes with the death penalty. The five methods of the death penalties are Lethal Injection, Gas, electric chair . One thing that I always think of is what each methods has upon the humans body. In this research paper you 'll learn what these execution methods does to a human and also the steps these inmates go through when they are sentenced to execution. The first type of execution is the gas chamber . In the gas chamber the type of gas which is disperses from the chamber is cyanide gas. When this gas is exposed within a tight space which seeing from the videos i 've been watching of the gas chamber is that if someone comes within distance of this gas it may kill them. The process of the gas chamber execution is similar to the lethal injection and also electrical chair because the prisoner is restrained in a steel chair the only thing that makes it different is that it has a pan below the chair so that the chemicals can go into. The first gas that would be opened will releases hydrochloric acid into the pan. This causes the body to break down slowly . When the second gas is given out , there are about eight ounces of potassium cyanide which is dropped into the pan . This gas is similar to carbon monoxide it is colorless and has no smell but very dangerous to the human body. When you combine these two gases they creates a hydrocyanic gas. These fumes are highly dangerous to the human body, when the gases are

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