Tyson Beckford Research Paper

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Tyson Beckford This amazing heart throb is known to a lot of the universe as an eye candy. Since he is a wonderful super model that has catches the eyes of many woman over the decades. 1. Name given to him at birth is Tyson Craig Beckford born on December 19,1970 in Bronx, New York. 2. His parents were Lloyd Beckford and Hillary Dixon Hall. 3. He is mixed with two different nationalities (his father is an Afro/Jamaican Panamanian descendant) and nonetheless, (his mother is of the Chinese/Jamaican descendant). 4. After being born in the Bronx, New York his mother decided to move them to Jamaica. 5. While going to school he uses to get picked on a lot due to his looks. 6. Tyson has a child from a previous relationship whose
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