U nmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), have been around for a number of years. The concept of drones started as an aerial target practice to train military personnel during World War 1. Innovation for drones quickly grew from an aerial target to an aerial torpedo that would explode at a specific time. Today drones are directed by self-guiding computers or a manually operated by a particular remote control. They are now more commonly known for their military use, not for their versatility usage like, aiding with rescue missions, livestock monitoring, and filmmaking. The drones that are most infamous and shown on the news is the predator and reaper. Both the reaper and predator come equipped with Hellfire missiles that are laser guided and capable of taking out tanks. Reaper drones tend to carry out more missiles than a predator. The predator is able to carry two Hellfire missiles, where a reaper is able to be equipped with 14. These drones are estimated in killing 286 to 890 civilians, including 168 to 197 children in Pakistan only. It’s known that models of these two drones are being used by border patrol agents and the CIA to operate within the United States, but do not come equipped with weapons. This can cause mass hysteria, thinking these drones could be flying over civilian’s heads. While those drones have caused a bad stigma in the public’s eyes, drones can be very beneficial with the right regulations. It’s estimated that the development of drones will succeed

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