Drone Drones And Drone Surveillance

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Three-thousand deaths have resulted in drone attacks and only 1.5 percent of these deaths were “high profile” personnel. Out of these deaths about 20 percent were either civilian or children. This statistic only accounts for the known drone attacks since the government keeps information of these killing secured (Galliott, Jai, and Bradley Strawser). When drones were first invented its intensions were mainly for surveillance. Over the years they have been modified and upgraded to perform tasks that can even match manned aerial vehicles which leads to the first argument for drones. With the use of drones it limits the amount of soldiers in dangerous situations. Drones are controlled by a pilot that sits in a safe command room with a high …show more content…

According to a study of 709 drone pilots by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, approximately 8.2% reported at least one adverse mental health outcome, most commonly disorders related to readjusting civilian life, depression, and relationship problems (Drones - ProCon).
Drones are remotely controlled aerial vehicles that have been used since the Afghanistan war. The UK have began using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) also known as drones, in October 2007 during the Afghanistan war. Even though drones have many different size and shapes they fall into two categories. They are either used for surveillance or armed missions (What are Drones?). The drone program strikes begun during the George W. Bush administration, and have increased significantly under President Barack Obama’s administration. Drones are wildly debated due to the fact that they are like phantoms and the US government does not come clean when questioned about them. The program’s secrecy leaves many American civilians feeling scared due to the fact that the government could be using drones to watch over us in secrecy. Many American civilians are in favor for the drone program that the government has created. It give most Americans a sense of hope because drones are unmanned and can operate under

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