U.s. Invasion Of Iraq Essay

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The U.S. Invasion of Iraq, 2003

In 2003, President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell launched an invasion of the nation of Iraq. United States Secretary of State Colin Powell outlined the reasons Iraq posed a threat to international security in a speech he gave at the United Nations. Iraq’s nuclear weapons program concerned the Bush administration. Fearing Iraq might use this program to act aggressively in the region, and wanting to secure oil supplies and a friendly regime, the administration pursued a plan of action to remove Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from power (FLS 2016, 43). A constant secure supply of oil stood as a cornerstone of the military-industrial complex thriving in the United States and a friendly regime in such an oil rich country remained an important objective of President Bush. This directly conflicted with the desire of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq to remain in power. The United States sought to convey their commitment to toppling Saddam through many avenues. President Bush created severe audience costs for himself. By denouncing Iraq on the world stage and committing to certain demands, Bush effectively tied his hands and backing down would have been politically costly for him (FLS 2016, 115). Bush also used crisis bargaining, defined by Frieden, Lake, and Schultz as threatening the use of force if demands are not met, and coercive diplomacy, defined Frieden, Lake, and Schultz as using threats to influence

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