U.s. Obam A History Of Education Policy And Reform

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In political debates, mainstream news reporting, and traveling political speaking events, politicians speak of a variety of hot topic agenda items; unfortunately, education is typically not one of the focal points. No matter the importance of education for children and no matter the political candidates’ point of view, it seems to be shadowed by a variety of other political agenda items. Nonetheless, each candidate has a point of view and some history of education policy impact.
Each candidate, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, have a history of education policy and reform. Each candidate has a history of involvement working toward change in each represented state with some successes, some failures, and some learning
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He has reported that unions “put the comfort of adults ahead of the potential of our kids” (Arco, 2015, para. 3). Chris Christie is not a supported contender by many people of New Jersey, especially educators. Christie is very vocal about his dislike for teacher unions. He made the public comment that he wanted to punch them in the face. In response to his comments, Valerie Strauss and Russ Walsh, welcomed the challenge and stood up for teacher unions. They promote teacher unions to be a support for teachers and children alike, providing safe and productive environments for everyone, reporting when teachers fight for something it is including the children: “When teacher unions fight for better working conditions for teachers, they are also working for better learning conditions for children. When unions fight for job protections for teachers, they are also working to ensure that children have access to the best knowledge and the best instructional strategies available (Strauss and Walsh, 2015, para 11).
Not only did he remove tenure and scrutinize unions, he also destroyed the budget of the state and the economy, leaving funding for public education unavailable; leaving teachers with larger class sizes and cuts in curriculum such as arts and music. New Jersey residents are angry about his
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