Essay on UN- United We Stand: A Short Story

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Clotho didn’t make it through the night. Jim stepped out of the operating room and dropped down in a chair just outside. His gaze never stopped looking forward as Chandi got up from a chair on the opposite side of the door looking at him with some kind of hopeful expectation. That hope was dashed the moment she saw his pale face. “W-What… happened…?” Chandi asked already expecting the worst. “I… couldn’t save her. The wounds… they were inflicted by some sort of power I’ve never seen before. Every time I tried to close the wounds… It was like that power was determined to kill her.” Jim muttered in a slightly delirious tone. Without a word, Chandi took in a deep breath and let it sit with her for a few seconds before she exhaled. A flash …show more content…

“What happened last night…?” Jim thought to himself trying to make sense of everything. “Did you catch all of that Lytton?” “Yeah but the power that came from the wound didn’t register with any faction. It was not magic, demonic energy, erosion, or any kind of science I am familiar with… If anything I would say it was divine energy because of that golden glow…” Lytton said as he held up a vial filled with golden light contained in it. “’Divine’, huh? It is more like an evil worse than the Demons if they have curses like this.” Jim said walking into the room to reveal Clotho’s body turned to ash on the operating table. “I can’t believe a curse could do this.” Mireille said she was working on some equipment in the far side of the room. “How much longer until the new analysis machine is ready to go?” Jim asked as he closed the door and locked it. Devadas was back in his childhood right after rescuing Chandi. He had just run some kids trying to bully her off with a soccer ball he would usually take with him. It was that moment that became very memorable. A single moment that he would later find out to be the day that changed his life for the better or worse depending on how he saw it. “Will you forever stay by my side?” Chandi asked with a smile on her face as she looked him directly in the eyes. “Huh? Isn’t that a proposal or some adult thing like that?” Devadas responded immediately as he was surprised.

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