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Transformed beyond recognition from the vision of the Founding Fathers’. Discuss this view of the modern US constitution. On March 4th 1789 the constitution of the United States of America came into effect. Derived from the visions of seven political leaders and statesmen and consisting of only seven articles, the US constitution would become the first of its kind, the bedrock of democracy and lay the foundations for democratic political systems across the world. Since 1789, America has progressed in ways that would have seemed unimaginable at the time. Politicians and their political ideas have been and gone, World wars have been fought, equality is no longer a wishful dream but stringently expected and the American flag was even…show more content…
This can only be positive thing, progression is the cornerstone of a liberal society, without progression, without the ability to amend the constitution, America would be left in an archaic state, unable to keep up with the ever changing world. The Founding Fathers accepted and embraced change, they knew fully well their visions would be transformed, sustained and added to. Since 1789 the constitution has only been amended 27 times, with ten of these ratifications occurring immediately as the Bill of Rights, but in the last 200 years essential amendments have been made, such as the 13th Amendment in 1865, abolishing the practice of slavery, as well as the 15th Amendment in 1870, giving all American citizens the right to vote. Few, if any, would argue against such necessary amendments to the constitution. The transformation of the US constitution has allowed other political constitutions to change with it and become a beacon of progression and democratic values, and is still a ray of light in 2012, in a world still somehow plagued with inequality and lack of rights. Over the last 200 years the US constitution has grown through the process of amendments, leading to the inevitable transformation from the visions of the Founding Fathers to the necessities of the 21st century. Such amendments have had a profound effect, not only on American citizens, but the world itself. In 1789, as with the times, many
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