Unanimous Verdict vs. Majority Rules Verdicts

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The use of a jury is the traditional method within the common law for deciding the facts in any dispute between parties. The role of a jury is to determine question of fact. The jury is in a powerful method because ultimately, it determines whether a person is guilty or innocent. In civil cases, the main function of the jury is to find the facts having regard to the evidence, and assess damages. The number of jurors used in a civil trial is less than that used in a criminal trial. Another important difference is that the verdict does not have to be unanimous, meaning that a judge will accept a majority decision of a civil jury.

Unanimity has long been considered as essential and fundamental part of jury trials. Unanimous decisions refer …show more content…

It is simply not valid to say that if a doubt is held by one amongst twelve, then it cannot be reasonable doubt. Another disadvantage, which would result from adopting the majority rules verdict system, includes the fact that there is also a risk that a minority in a criminal jury may cease to be

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